Sunday, November 4, 2012

Silver Lining

Ah November. The weather has changed, the allergies are in full swing and finally there is hope for a better tomorrow.

After quite a few weeks of reminding people that I was the best person for the job, I can say it is official! I will be Long-Term Substituting for an Art Teacher @ Mayde Creek Junior High beginning in late November or early December. The precise date depends entirely on when her fetus decides to make an appearance. This gig will last until the middle of February at the earliest and could last longer. Again all depends on the how much maternity leave the teacher decides to take. 

With the promise of a job(at least for a few months) we decided we should get our own place. As of yesterday, we signed a 6 month lease on a 2 bedroom, 2 bath town house in a great part of town, only 10 minutes away from Ben and Adika. After the last post, we all understand how hard this was to find and Mandy and I are now okay with paying ridiculously high rent for safety, security and cleanliness. Starting next month we will call the Enclave at Cypress Park #1003 home. We get the keys on December 4 just in time to put are clothes away before the festivities and fun the Christmas season brings. No really, remember we moved with nothing but our clothes, tortoise, iMac and espresso machine. Will it be the best decorated townhouse on the block? NO! Will it be furnished with every modern convenience afforded to the typical American? NO! Will it have the basic necessities one requires to simply live? NO! But, it will be ours!!! And we found some sweet circa 1938 22k gold plated china at the thrift store to drink espresso out of. Set of 19 for $3. Never thought I'd be proud to say that sentence...but I am! 

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy it seems insensitive to even jest about donating to our cause and fortunately I really don't know how to set that kind of stuff up. So, while you're sitting around the fire place this Holiday season drinking cocoa and enjoying festive desserts, think of us and know that we really do enjoy living a more simple life without such modern comforts as sheets, spatulas, plates and other such frivolities. I mean it can't be that bad if we're drinking espresso out of 22k gold plated china right?

But, I digress. 

Rather than give us endless guilt trips about moving away and other such nonsense, our friend Big-T is coming to visit December 2-10. While Big-T is here we have a fun filled week of excitement that includes but is not limited to: An over night stay in New Orleans, a day trip to Galveston to play on the ocean, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, a personal guided tour of Cardiff Junior High and much much more. We may even let him help us move! Shshh.

We are really so excited for him to come and bring a little piece of familiarity to our new lives. And only 2 weeks after he leaves we get to welcome the younger Berry's and their humans for Christmas! Couldn't have asked for a better December!

The longer we are here, the more it begins to feel like somewhere we could call home. With that said, it also makes it possible to start thinking that anywhere can be home since really no where on earth really is. Deep right!?! My application to Katy ISD is complete and my application to Issaquah ISD is almost complete. I think I need to find somewhere on the East Coast so that we have the whole nation covered. For all of you gasping in disbelief, I was kidding. We have no intention of moving to the East Coast. 

We do however have every intention of seeking the Lord's will, and living our adventure until He calls us home.