Monday, April 29, 2013

Blathering of an old British gentlemen

Well it is almost May and here we are again with a vast amount of time passing since the last post. I guess I'm not truly as narcissistic as one needs to remain to keep up a blog. I guess in reality that is good...

As Death Cab for Cutie serenade’s me I can't help but listen to the words, "I'll follow you into the dark..." and think about the way I "try" to follow Christ.

The dark being the unknown, the terrifying or even the exciting. But, regardless, dark.

As we prepare to pack up our lives once again, move from another home and drive into the horizon without clear purpose or final destination one begins to ponder ones options. Maybe God doesn't always close all the doors. Maybe a few are left open giving one the opportunity to choose a path. I've realized of late that I much prefer to leave the worrying to God and just simply follow blindly what "works out". Assuming that if it "worked out" it must be God's will.

Perhaps not entirely biblical.

Unfortunately I can't find scripture to back theology that states, "Follow Christ blindly, without question, study or intimate relationship!" Darn.

Even as I write I am working out the holes in my previous theory regarding how God and I tend to communicate. I pray, I whine, I beg, I petition, sometimes I yell violently and then I apologize promptly and wait, assuming that whatever happens is the answer. In some circumstances this rather primitive form of communication can be quite beneficial, useful and successful. But as of late I can't seem to understand why this proven process has, from my perspective, fallen short of my standards of success.

I've began to wonder if in certain situations the option to choose and choose wisely is where the lasting wisdom is found. It's not that either option is right or either option is wrong but rather how either option will affect the course of one’s life. Each option respectively offers a variety of pro's and con's that really end up being quite irrelevant in the course of one’s life; or are they?

Are they irrelevant?

If you haven't already, I would encourage you to read this post with heir and stature of any prominent British gentlemen of the 19th Century. The voice that reads me what I have written inside my head sounds like the previously described gentlemen.

Well I will leave you with the query concerning the relevance of ones decisions on the remainder of their life. I also leave you the task of realizing the importance of developing a biblical and effective form of communication with Christ.

Eighth Period is here. Oh how they try my patience.

“Sit down, shut up”, yells the teacher with a strained American accent as he slowly sips his Vitamin Water with disdain in his eyes…